« dall’esilio … », editor Fermenti, February 2003, Rome



« i ritmi del mondo»


Poems in Anthologies and Literary Journals:

Selected poems translated by Marella Feltrin-Morris (Associate Professor, Department of Modern Languages and Literatures, Ithaca College, Ithaca, NY)  and Chad Davidson (poet, translator and associate professor of English at the State University of West Georgia), Metamorphoses , Spring and Fall 2006, vol. 14, Smith College, Northampton, Massachusetts.

“Diaspore europee e lettere migranti”, ed. Armando Gnisci and Nora Moll, edizioni interculturali, Rome, 2002

“I Poeti”, Edizioni Centro Incontri, Milano, 1988

“I Poeti”, Edizioni Centro Incontri, Milano, 1986


Selected Articles:

“Soutien au Processus d’Ottawa” Info Politique de Sécurité, nr. 30/2001, département fédéral de la défense, Berne, 2001


“Donna: ricerca della verità del suo essere”,  Amicizia, Mai/June 1988, Rome


Selected Poetry Presentations:


“Diaspore europee - Convegno”, Aula Odeion, Facoltà di Lettere e Filosofia, University of Rome “La Spaienza”, Rome, 28 June 2002


“qui non è qui - seminario con gli scrittori”, Goethe Institut, Rome, 24 June 2002


Poems transformed in contemporary music by the Austrian composer Wolfgang Liebhart, Transformazioni – le possibilità di una trasformazione musicale di realtà esterne ed interne alla musica », Austrian Institute of Culture, Rome, May 1994


« Il Gallaratese », città di Milano, September 1987



Professional Conference and Workshop Talks:


“The role of the GICHD in the Ottawa Process”, lecture at the University of Geneva for the course on Humanitarian Action, Switzerland, March 2002


“The Ottawa Convention: obligations, compliance with and implementation of the Convention”, lecture at the “Train the trainer” course of Information Management System for Mine Action, Switzerland, February 2002


“The Intersessional Work Programme of the Ottawa Convention”, speaker at the regional seminar on the Ottawa Convention in North Africa, organized by the governments of Canada and Tunisia, Tunis, January 2002


“Universalization and Implementation of the Ottawa Convention in Africa”, seminar speaker on the Intersessional Work Programme, Bamako, Mali, February 2001


“The Mine Ban Convention: the humanitarian crisis caused by Antipersonnel Landmines, the Ottawa Process, universalization of the Convention, the role of the different actors”, lecture at the Course for Operators of Humanitarian Demining, Rome, February 2001


“Italy and the International Mine Action Community”, speaker at the round table, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Rome, February 2001


Member of delegation at the United Nations Annual Meetings of the States Parties to the Mine Ban Treaty, United Nations, 2002, 2001, 2000


Member of delegation at the Second Revision Conference of the United Nations Convention on Inhumane Weapons (CCW), at its Preparatory Committees and at its Open Ended Consultations, April, August, September and December 2001, and December 2000


Member of delegation at the Second and Third Annual Conference of the States Parties to the Amended Protocol II, December 2000 and 2001


Representative at the United Nations International Meetings of Mine Action Programme Directors and Advisors, UNMAS, Geneva, 1999, 2000, 2002


“Article 8 of the Mine Ban Treaty and the Facilitation and Clarification of Compliance”, representative at the workshop on article 8 organised by the Government of Canada, New York, November 2000


“Women and their welfare in developed and in developing countries”, speaker at the seminar organised by the President of the Italian cabinet, Rome, 1989